Meeting of the AEB HR-Committee

2016-03-29 15:00

Maryna Barouka, Deputy Chairman of the AEB, PhD, is included for 2016 in the working group on improving the security of qualified personnel with the Advisory Council on Foreign Investment under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

Vadim Bogush, Deputy Minister of Education, is the Chairman of the working group. As the Co-Chairmen were elected Vladimir Augustinian, Head of Delegation of the German Economy in the Republic of Belarus, Gennady Palchik, a member of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus on Education, Culture and Science. Along with other well-known investors, representatives of ministries and universities, the Unitary Enterprise Coca-Cola Beverages Belorussiya, that is representing the member of the Association - Vlanpak Company, is included in a working group.

The solution of problematic issues is provided in the plan of the group along the following areas:

• April, 2016 - the interaction of foreign investors with the educational system of the Republic of Belarus and ways to improve this interaction;

• July 2016 - meeting the human resources needs of foreign investors;

• September 2016 - raising the level of the teaching staff professional training and teachers of educational institutions. Involving of foreign teachers to the educational process.

At the moment, the Association has prepared and submitted a proposal in the second direction - meeting the personnel needs of foreign investors. Our meaningful experience of the Job Shadow Days holding gives reason to expand it to a national scale and to promote at the highest state level.

However, we believe that the extended suggestion is not enough to reform the education system in Belarus, considering the necessity to reduce to a minimum the external economic threats and to create favorable conditions to attract investment.

In this regard, we invite members of the Association of European Businesses March 29, 2016 to take part in the meeting of the AEB HR-committee to discuss issues of security personnel and the development of the list of proposals for their further advancement in the Council of Ministers.

You can confirm your participation in the meeting till 22 March 2016 by email or by phone +375 291687001. Also, other companies, members of the working group, will be invited to the meeting.

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