Job Shadow Days will be held from 29 to 31 August

2016-08-29 09:00

The Association of European Business announces the fifth intake of mentors and shadows to participate in the action Job Shadow Days! This time, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and for the convenience of students, one-day training in commercial companies will be out of study time - from 29 to 31 August 2016.

What is the Job Shadow Days?

The literal translation is "to follow like a shadow". It is a way to familiarize the student with a profession through support of an experienced person (mentor) in a real work environment normally within one working day. In this case, the student is able to communicate not only with the mentor, whose "shadow" he is, but also with other professionals, as well as obtain information about the features of chosen profession or position in the company.

What are the benefits for businesses?

Companies have the opportunity to receive the best and most active students, get to know them, and then perhaps invite them to externship, and after graduation to get an efficient and loyal employee.

What are the advantages for students?

Students observe and are involved in the actual use of what they learn. They test their interest in the chosen profession or field of activity. And afterwards they are able to correct the scheduled academic plan (choose of the course and / or diploma theses, additional training and externship for targeted preparation for a profession). Mentors provide students with the company's brand and philosophy, career opportunities.

How much does it cost?

The Job Shadow Days are held for students and mentors from AEB member companies on a free basis. The participation of companies that are not members of the Association is paid and costs 20 BYN. This will allow us to cover the organizational costs of the final seminar for participants of the fifth jubilee action (with rewarding the best shadows and mentors).

Students participate on a FREE basis. About the terms of payment, please, contact the Office Assistant of the Association by phone +375 29 167 99 48 (Anastasia).

When will be held Job Shadow Days?

Dates of visiting companies by students - from 29 to 31 August 2016 (a specific day is determined by the mentors).

Who can become a mentor?

Specialists of commercial, preferably international, companies (from line employees to senior managers) in any economic fields, e.g. services, marketing, law, GR, HR, finance, design, architecture, PR, communication, etc., as well as members of the Association of European Business.

If you want to be a mentor, please, contact us by and give the following information: company’s name, name and the position of the chosen mentor, preferable criteria for the student (courses, higher education, language skills, etc.), training date (in period from 29 to 31 August), the address of the company.

Deadline for applications from mentors - up to 15 August 2016. 

Who can participate as a "shadow"?

Students of the 3d-5th courses of Belarusian universities in the following specialties: marketing, law, economics / finance, design, architecture and others. CV in Russian and preferences of the profession / professional sphere should be sent to

Deadline for the "shadows" in Minsk is 23 August 2016.

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