General Meeting of the Members of the Association of European Business

2018-03-28 16:00

The annual general meeting of AEB members will be held on March 28, 2018 at 16.00 in the office of the Association at the address: Minsk, Cimirazieva Str. 72, office 6001.

Issues for discussion:

1) Approval of the AEB annual report for 2017, including the report on the financial situation of the AEB, the results of working with government bodies and the results of work of the AEB committees, the results of interaction with international organizations, the results of the AEB information promotion;

2) Coordination of the AEB Action Plan for 2018.

Месца правядзення:

Minsk, Cimirazieva Str. 72, office 6001

Чальцы АЕБ, якія ўдзельнічаюць у мерапрыемстве: