Corporate Social Responsibility


The AEB helps its members build an effective self-regulatory mechanism of the corporate social responsibility that goes engages the companies in actions that further social good. Corporate social responsibility programs created by the AEB aim to embrace responsibility for corporate actions and encourage a positive impact on the environment and the community.

The AEB goes beyond the commonplace money giving and calls for innovative charity that invests in human potential.

The Association of European Businesses is an active member of the Global Compact Local Network Office in Belarus, the most important CSR initiative that unites 12,000 companies and organizations in 140 countries.

To facilitate the CSR projects of its members and partners, the AEB:

·         provides a platform to exchange best practices among the members of the Association, its partners and invited participants to maximize the effectiveness of CSR projects and socially responsible business approaches by organizing training courses and workshops

·         engages in cultural dialogue with its European members and strives for promotion and preservation of the Belarusian values, culture and language. We achieve this goal through our annual ethno tours, classes of business Belarusian, national food and drinks tasting events.

·         implements international technical assistance projects in partnership with other organizations (publication of the magazine We are Ordinary People in collaboration with workshops "Stephanus" (Germany) and BelAPDIiMI)

·         engages members and partners in co-implementation and co-financing of innovative CSR (Job Shadowing and Developing Workshops)

·         provides information support to private CSR initiatives and platforms.