Spray Nozzle Arrived in Belarus!


In the countries of Western Europe, Russia, and, finally, in Belarus!

The AEB pilot green initiative, associated with the safe disposal of curd whey in Gomel region, reached the home stretch.

In the coming weeks we are expecting the delivery and installation of the VRD spray nozzle at the Polyuskoye production site of OJSC Milkavita in the city of Khoyniki, the key technical link of industrial equipment for the disposal of dairy products in the form of whey. This device is a novelty for Belarus. To date, it has successfully proved itself in Western Europe and only in several regions of Russia.

VRD spray nozzles are the technology of a long and laborious work of the Slovak manufacturer "Vzduchotorg".


The main advantages of the nozzle, in comparison with the aging competitors of the rotary type, are:

• the ability to process raw materials with a high content of fat and protein;

• ease of operation;

• an obvious reduction in operating costs due to the lack of moving parts in the sprayer design;

• obtaining a finished product with improved consumer properties: solubility and balling up.

The above advantages should be added to the possibility of producing import-substituting raw materials, which will significantly reduce the costs of livestock farms.

«The introduction of advanced European technology into the dairy industry of Gomel region should serve as an example for producers from other regions of Belarus who are currently thinking or are already planning business projects of the utilization of whey in the finished product without sacrificing the environment and for gaining economic benefits» - said Maryna Barouka, Deputy Chairman of the Association of European Business and the manager of the initiative "Pilot project for the integrated waste management of the dairy enterprises" in the framework of the project "Supporting the transition to a green economy in the Republic of Belarus ", funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP.