100% Whey Processing For The Leader Of The Dairy Market


Belarus feels confident in producing dairy products and supplying them to the world markets, not only European. Today, Belarus takes a 10% share of the global market of tallow oil, a 9% share in cheese-making, confident position in the top ten exporters of milk.

It is important to note that so rosy statistics is deserved by not only large enterprises, but also some medium ones producing author products.

A large number of research work on the creation, improvement of technological processes and equipment required for the processing of whey has been conducted. All of it is focused on working with large volumes of material. Small ones remain dangerous for the environment of certain regions. Particularly there is an acute problem in relation to the processing of acid (caseous and casein) whey by small businesses. It is poorly exposed to technological operations: thickening and drying. The product obtained is of poor quality and can’t be used in food production. Acid whey in Belarus takes up 40% of total obtained in whey production.

That is why the pilot «green» project of the Association of European Business is focused on the neutralization of small volumes of whey. It was among the 16 winners selected from 150 applications submitted to the UNDP contest of «green» initiatives in 2015. It is unique for the Belarusian business and brings an important idea: «Developing «green economy» in the country, it is possible to count on the support of the international community».