How to join us

To join the Association of European Business, please fill in the application form. The general shareholders meeting of the Association will review your application.

We may ask you to provide additional information or documents to be able to take a decision on your membership. We will inform you on our decision via email or phone.

When considering an application, the general shareholders meeting of the Association takes into account:

• whether an applicant shares the mission and goals of the Association of European Business;
• applicants’ good tanding and compliance with highest professional and ethical standards;
• credibility of the information provided.

If your application is approved, you will receive an invoice for membership fee. A company becomes a member at the day of paying the membership fee.

The size of the membership fee is determined by a fixed amount, which depends on the category assigned to each member of the Association. Category set on the basis of the criterion of the average number of company employees during the calendar year, preceding the previous year’s fee payment:

A – large businesses with over than 250 employees;

B – medium-sized businesses with the number from 101 to 250 employees inclusive;

C – small businesses with the number from 16 to 100 employees inclusive;

D – micro businesses employing up to 15 inclusive.

Theaverage number of company employees


Membership category

The size of the membership fee in EUR

over 250



from 101 to 250



from 16 to 100



up to 15



Income tax can be reduced by the amount of membership fees in accordance with paragraphs. 2.8. p. art. 171 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus.