2nd Business Meeting of HR-Committee


НR – committee, new initiatives, new development

On May 27th, the Association of European Business united HR-representatives of the leading international and Belarusian companies for the second meeting of its HR-Committee.

Committees are regular meetings of professionals who gather once a month in the offices of the Association to discuss problems common for a given area of business, to work on finding solutions, as well as to support interests of the committee’s participants. The HR-Committee works on improving business environment in the HR sector under the auspices of the Association. Lola Trapsch, Country Manager at Pedersen&Partners, is the moderator of the HR-Committee. 

This time, AEB members and partners, such as Les Laboratoires Servier, Danone, Office Solutions, Philips, Johnson & Johnson, Алiварыяand Glimstedt, took part in the meeting to outline the Committee’s work for the next months. The participants defined the following topics as the most important:

·    organizing the HR-contest The Best Employer in Belarus;

·   meeting the representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to discuss practical implementation of the Unified Tariff Qualification Book;

·      obtaining representative analytics of salary market;

·      corporate social responsibility.

Representatives of Glimstedt made a review of the upcoming changes to the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus coming into force in July 2014.

The next meeting of the HR-Committee will take place on July 9th, 2014.

The AEB invites its members to join the HR-Committee. All information on membership in the Association you can find at http://aebbel.by/ru/chlenstvoor by contacting us at +375 (17) 245 98 34 or +375 (29) 167 99 48.