Foreign Trade Activity Committee News


On August 28th, the Association of European Business held its Foreign Economic Activity Committee. This time, the Committee focused its attention on current issues of advance payments in foreign trade contracts and related problems.

The representatives of the leading European companies, members of the Association and invited guests joined their efforts in discussing the topic, among them Les Laboratoires Servier, Kapsch, Kapsch Telematic Services, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Peterka & Partners, Alfa Bank, Office Solutions, Computer Analytic Centre, together with the local legal advisers Sysuev, Bondar, Khraputski and Arzinger, and a consultancy company France Group. The embassies of Latvia and France and LIAA contributed to the discussion.

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus generously agreed to provide the expert support at this Committee’s meeting. Mr. Alexander Nikitiuk, the Ministry Consultant, and Ms. Victoria Begun, Deputy Head of the Investment Division with the Ministry, presented an overview of the Ministry’s role in foreign economic activity and gave detailed clarifications to the Committee’s questions.

The final part of the meeting was dedicated to outlining the taxation issues to be discussed in the next Committee, to which the Association of European Business invited the State Customs Office.

The date and place of the next meeting of the Foreign Economic Activity Committee, as well as the detailed agenda will be announced in September. You can send your proposals to the agenda and topics that in your opinion should be covered in the meeting with the State Customs Office to Maryna Dymovich, Head of Legal, at  or call at (+375 17) 245 9834.