About Planned Limitation of Trading Bonuses


The draft of the President Decree of the Republic of Belarus "On some issues of trade premium (bonus) size limitation and payments for the provision of services to promote products" is prepared by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus.

The document proposes the aggregate amount of the trading premium (bonus) as well as payments for the provision of services for the promotion of goods, to be determined by consent of the parties, but not more than ten percent of the price of the acquired (sold) foodstuffs, excluding the presented by the supplier of goods the amount of value added tax and excise for excisable goods. That is planned to introduce a limit on the size of trading bonuses. At the moment, the issue is not regulated by law. Contractual relations between economic entities are based on market principles.

The Association of European Business notes that before the adoption of the normative legal act the business community must be familiarized with a comprehensive analysis of the estimated consequences for business and society from the planned innovations.

For further information, contact Yauhen Mardasevich,the Head of the Direction for Work with the State Bodies of the Association of European Business - +375 17 336 11 01, yauhen.mardasevich@aebbel.by

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