Summer Ethno-Picnic of AEB


Travelling back in time in Belarus is possible! This learned the guests of the ethno-picnic Journey to the Past organized by the Association of European Business for its members and friends on July 17 in the unique Skansen-type museum Strochitsy.

The professional guides, whose stories allowed imagining the life of the Belarusians in the 18th – 19th centuries in every detail, accompanied the guests through the amazing atmosphere of the Belarusian village created in the open-air museum.

Ethno-picnicshave already became a tradition for the Association of European Businesses. “This way, we strive to maintain the national culture, traditions and language,” said Maryna Barouka, the Deputy Chairman of the Association.

This year’s event was not limited only tothe museum experience – the guests could test their knowledge ofthe Belarusian language and traditions, learn old songs and dances, indulge in delicious traditional dishes prepared by the Belarusian Tavern and try some Belarusian drinks –medovuha and hrenovuha.

In short, it was the journey into the world of the beauty, Belarusian kindness and positive emotions.

We invite allguests of the ethno-picnic to the office of the AEB to collect the photos from the event. Selected photos can be found on Facebook page of the Association of European Business