Legal Documents Templates Translated into Belarusian


The Association of European Businesses established a working group to translate standard legal documents required for business into Belarusian. In particular, the experts translated ten most used documents: certificate of completion, power of attorney, commission agreement, sales contract, contract for services, job appointment order, minutes of a meeting, employment contract, invoice and statute.

The idea to have the document templates in Belarusian came to the students of the first course of business Belarusian launched by the Association of European Businesses.

Among the experts who helped translate the standard legal documents into Belarusian, there are:

· Alena Anisim, First Deputy Chairman of Tavarystva Belaruskai Movy, researcher at Language and Literature Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

· Veronica Mazurkiewicz, linguist, professor of business Belarusian in the AEB classes

· Prauny Peraklad

· Internet translation agency LINGVA-BY.

In the future, the Association of European Business will complement the package of documents. Therefore, we will be grateful if you send us other legal documents in Belarusian or suggestions what other documents are missing for your company to keep records in Belarusian.

In February, the Association will start the second class of business Belarusian. Representatives of commercial companies will be able to develop skills of oral and written business communication in Belarusian for business negotiations, meetings, presentations, interviews, etc.

Attention! The Association of European Businesses recommends seeking qualified legal help when drafting documents for your company. Our templates are only for educational purposes.

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